Shoji Uses

Shoji Uses:

1. Over windows and patio doors
2. Closet doors
3. Room dividers
4. Skylight covers
5. Pocket doors
6. Partitions
7. Create rooms
8. Create storage areas
9. Room accents
10. Create privacy
11. Block unwanted views
12. Insulate thermal
13. Insulate sound
14. Insulate ultra violet sun
15. Use where pocket or hinged doors not possible
16. Home, office, restaurant, commercial buildings
17. Filter/control harsh sunlight
18. Cabinet doors
19. Light covers
20. Create tranquil spaces
21. Transoms / valances
22. Background for photography and displays
23. Feng shui

A sample of the versatile uses of Aspen Ten products can be seen in this picture. 
From the left:

  1. Solar-ji 1-panel window covering
  2. Shoji Shades covering glass sidelites on entry door
  3. Custom Grill for wall opening portal
  4. Shoji 2-panel window covering with luminous wall to wall track
  5. Custom burl bubinga table

Also partially visible:

  • thru portal grill is a Shoji 2-panel window size room divider
  • upper right is the wall to wall track of a Shoji 2-panel door size room divider




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