Aspen Ten Philosophy

The Tradition
Centuries old, Shoji the Japanese translucent sliding doors set a timeless standard for interior design. With a natural wood frame and lattice grill that support the center of white paper, a mystical serene affect is created, hence the name "light interceptor.”

The Craft
Over the years Shoji have evolved with highly durable plastics replacing the fragile rice paper. In 1981, Aspen Ten developed the SOLAR-JI a thermal insulating yukimi style Shoji. Aspen Ten’s innovation introduced energy saving performance to the decorative beauty of Shoji.

The Art
To design elegant simplicity, traditional proportions and versatile performance thru quality craftsmanship is the essence of Aspen Ten. A common mistake in America that more is better can create a busy and disjointed appearance when applied to the serene elegance of Shoji.

The Power
The Japanese philosophy that space is as important as object reveals the POWER of SIMPLICITY to create serene environments. This value of Shoji can be seen in pictures and felt in person. Enjoy.

The Affect
• timeless design
• elegant distinction
• beauty of simplicity
• serene atmosphere
• peaceful organization
• non-confining closures




Shoji Designs since 1981